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Reliable, high-performance, accurate to the second.

LED-compatible time switches and staircase light timer switches from Theben.

From the incandescent light bulb to the LED lamp: with features such as zero-cross switching or tungsten pre-contact, Theben offers compact self-sufficient devices for every application from simple time switches to our astronomical time switch with weekly program.

See our new product range here. Further LED-compatible products such as dimming switches, can be found at

Digital time switch with weekly program

TR 609 top2 S

Most digital time switches with a width of 1 TE are equipped with a tungsten pre-contact that protects the switching relay and takes over the capacitive switching load.

  • Tungsten pre-contact
  • LED switching capacity:
    < 2 W: 55 W, 2-8 W: 180 W,
    > 8 W: 200 W
  • Max. switch-on peak. 800 A/ 200 µs
  • 1 channel
  • External input (push buttons and switches)
  • Holiday/random program for presence simulation
  • Pulse/cycle program
  • High operating accuracy
  • Further information for TR 609 top2 S
TR 609 top2 S

Astronomical digital time switch with weekly program

SELEKTA 174 top3

Digital time switches from a width of 2 modules2 are equipped with a zero-cross switching to avoid wear and tear of relay contact and light source, i.e. prolongs service life of light source.

  •  Zero-cross switching
  • LED switching capacity:
    < 2 W: 50 W, > 2 W: 600 W
  • 2 channels
  • Inrush current 800 A / 200 µs
  • Global position input
  • Offset function (+/- 120 minutes)
  • 3 special programs with date function
  • High operating accuracy thanks to integrated temperature compensation
  • Further information for SELEKTA 174 top3

Staircase light timer switch

ELPA 6 plus

For more than 10 years, electronic staircase light time switches from Theben have already been equipped with a zero-cross switching

  • Zero-cross switching
  • LED switching capacity:
  • < 2 W: 55 W
    2-8 W: 500 W,
    > 8 W: 500 W
  • Switch-off warning optimised for LED lamps
  • Multi-function device with choice of 10 functions
  • Extended function activated via long button press
  • Continuous light
  • Push button input with electronic overload protection
  • Automatic 3 or 4-way conductor detection
  • Further information for ELPA 6 plus
Staircase light time switch ELPA 6 plus
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